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Our goal is to help teams get the most out of UIDIO. We designed our samples to help teams. We will always do our best to fulfill your needs and meet your goals, but sometimes it is best to have a few simple things written down so that we both know what is what, who should do what and what happens if things go wrong.

The Basics

Purchasing our product does mean you agree to the terms of this Product License.


What You Can

  • Copy, transfer, broadcast, transmit.
  • Use sounds in television, motion-pictures both commercial and non-commercial.
  • Advertisements both commercial and non-commercial.
  • Remix or transform the sounds in anyway for use within a song or musical composition.
  • Use in products, both physical and digital.

What You Cannnot

  • Resell the sounds as your own.
  • Resell as part of a library, both in part or in whole.

The Full License

THIS IS IMPORTANT AND IS NOT INTENTED TO CONFUSE! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: This UIDIO Library User License Agreement is a legal agreement between you as a customer (either an individual, a single entity or a business – hereinafter “CUSTOMER”) and UIDIO, for the UIDIO Library Audio Content you have licensed.

This license includes the following:

  • designed sound effects,
  • source sound files and
  • any printed, “online” or electronic documentation (altogether: “CONTENT”).

By licensing, copying or otherwise using the CONTENT, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, do not use the CONTENT. This content is protected under copyright laws, international copyright treaties, intellectual property laws and treaties that protect the CONTENT. The rights granted are non-transferable and must be validated by proof of purchase. All rights are not expressly granted to you hereunder are reserved by UIDIO.

1. Definitions

  • “Licensor” means UIDIO.

  • “Work” means the copyrightable work of authorship offered under the terms of this License (including the sounds, music loops, and one-shots).

  • “You” or “your’ means the end user (either an individual or entity) exercising rights under this License.

  • “Collective Work” means a work, such as an audio compilation or anthology, in which the Work in its entirety in unmodified form, along with a number of other contributions, constituting separate and independent works in and of themselves, are assembled into a collective whole. A work that constitutes a Collective Work will not be considered a Derivative Work (as defined below) for the purposes of this License.

  • “Derivative Work” means a work based upon the Work, such as a remix, musical arrangement, dramatization, sound recording, art reproduction, synchronization with moving image, condensation, or any other form in which the Work may be recast, transformed, or adapted, except that a work that constitutes a Collective Work will not be considered a Derivative Work for the purpose of this License.

2. Fair Use Rights

Nothing in this license is intended to reduce, limit, or restrict any rights arising from fair use, first sale or other limitations on the exclusive rights of the copyright owner under Copyright law or other applicable laws.

3. License Grant

All rights not expressly granted to You under this License by Licensor, are hereby reserved by Licensor. Subject to the terms and conditions of this License, Licensor hereby grants You a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, revocable, perpetual (for the duration of the applicable copyright) license to exercise the rights in the Work as stated below:

  • To remix or transform the sounds into a Derivative Work;

  • To copy and transmit the sounds and available content in various mediums or formats as long as the sounds and available content are included in another work or with other materials;

  • To use the sounds in any music, film, video game, website or similar medium whether commercial in nature, or not.

4. Restrictions

The license granted in the section above is expressly made subject to and limited by the following restrictions:

  • Resell, rent, sublicense, transmit, and/or distribute or re-distribute the sounds ‘as they are’ in any context, this includes but is not exclusive to re-selling the sounds on CDs, torrents, or any other online distribution.

  • Use any sound, music loop, or one-shots to create expansion packs to distribute them through any mobile applications, plugins, or similar products. This includes, but is not limited to putting our sounds and available content on any CD(s), websites, and/or digital platforms of any kind (either for a fee or for free).

  • Under no circumstances whatsoever, may you copy all or a significant part of the Works in the UIDIO website with the purpose of redistributing them.

5. Disclaimer, Warrantees and Representations.

Unless otherwise mutually agreed to by the parties in writing, Licensor offers the Work as is and makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the Work, express, implied, statutory or otherwise, including, without limitation, warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, or the absence of latent or other defects, accuracy, or the presence of absence of errors, whether or not discoverable.

6. Limitation on Liability

Except to the extent required by applicable Law, in no event will the Licensor be liable to you on any legal theory for any special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages arising out of this License or the use of the Work, even if the Licensor has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

7. Termination

This License and the rights granted hereunder will terminate automatically upon any breach by You of the terms of this License. Individuals or entities who have received Derivative Works from You under this License, however, will not have their licenses terminated provided such individuals or entities remain in full compliance with those licenses.

Subject to the above, the license granted here is perpetual (for the duration of the applicable copyright in the Work). Notwithstanding the above, Licensor reserves the right to release the Work under different license terms or to stop distributing the Work at any time; provided, however that any such election will not serve to withdraw this License (or any other license that has been, or is required to be, granted under the terms of this License), and this License will continue in full force and effect unless terminated as stated above.

8. Miscellaneous

If any provision of this License is invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, it shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of the terms of this License, and without further action by the parties to this agreement, such provision shall be reformed to the minimum extent necessary to make such provision valid and enforceable.

No term or provision of this License shall be deemed waived and no breach consented to unless such waiver or consent shall be in writing and signed by the party to be charged with such waiver or consent.

This License, which is part of and is governed by, the Terms of Service Agreement, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the Work licensed here. There are no understandings, agreements or representations with respect to the Work not specified therein. Licensor shall not be bound by any additional provisions that may appear in any communication from You. This License may only be modified by the mutual written agreement of the Licensor and You.

Copyright 2021 - All Rights Reserved

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